Looking for an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, build your resume, and learn from professionals in your field of interest? Look no further than our internship programs, A and B!


Duration: 2.5-months (Program A) / 1-month (Program B) (Applications currently closed for Program A for June and July due to high volume) 

Profiles: Data Analyst, Web Developer

Upcoming Joining Dates: 1st June || 6th July || 3rd August  

Timings: Thu-Sat, 2-7 PM (though it is very flexible according to your schedule)

Mode: Remote / Online

Internship Closure Documents: Internship Certificate and Letter of Recommendation (based on performance)

Key Learnings
And The Schedule


Data collection, cleaning, preprocessing, analyzing big datasets, making user intereactive dashboard, data visualization, exploratory data analysis, data interpretation and reporting.


Week-1: Orientation, Formalities, Training on tools to Analyse Data sets using functions, queries, and other UI based elements. 

Week-2: Case Study 1: Enhancing Task Management for Product Managers through Dataset Analysis

Week-3: Case Study 2: Data-Driven Financial Analysis: Leveraging Datasets for Individual Investments and Finance

Week-4: Effortless Automation with Cutting-Edge AI Tool

The final step of this internship program entails completing the work, preparing the report, and submitting it.

Learnings: Domain, Subdomains, Hosting, IP Addresses, Name servers, responsive web design and more. By the end of the program, you will have gained valuable insights into the web development field and be ready to take your skills to the next level.


Week-1: Orientation, Formalities, Training to Master the Fundamentals of Web Development: From Domain Setup to Hosting and Development Environment Configuration

Week-2: Build an engaging and educational professional profile website while gaining valuable skills.

Week-3: Enhance your website with advanced functionalities including WhatsApp integration, embedded forms, loading animations, and more, while mastering basic features and completing assigned tasks.

Week-4: Effortless Automation with Cutting-Edge AI Tool

The final step of this internship program entails completing the work, preparing the report, and submitting it.


Both programs are designed to help you gain valuable experience and develop new skills, but Program B offers some extra benefits that we think you’ll love.

Here are some of the differences:

  1. Complete the program in just 4 weeks: While Program A lasts for 10 weeks, Program B is designed to be completed in just 4 weeks. This means you can get the same level of experience and skill development in a shorter amount of time.

  2. No prior experience necessary: Unlike Program A, you don’t need any prior experience to join Program B. We only require enthusiasm and a desire to learn and grow.

  3. Great for 1st and 2nd-year students: If you’re a first or second-year student who’s looking to explore new areas and gain new experiences, Program B is a great fit for you.

  4. No interview necessary: Since we’re looking for enthusiastic learners, we don’t require an interview for Program B. You can simply register and get started right away!

  5. Professional resume building: We know that building a great resume is an important part of your career development. That’s why Program B includes a resume-building session with professionals. You can also request 1-1 consultations with professionals to help you improve your resume and get advice on your career.

  6. Focused 1-1 attention: In Program B, you’ll receive focused 1-1 attention from our team. This means you’ll get the personalized support and guidance you need to succeed in the program and beyond.

While Program A is a great option for those who want to learn at their own pace and don’t mind a longer commitment, we think  Program B is a fantastic choice for those who want to fast-track their learning, get personalized attention, and build a professional resume.

Please note that registration  does come with a nominal cost of INR 599/- INR 1499/- but we believe it’s well worth the investment. It is kept to compensate for providing training sessions, workshops and meeting sessions, from professionals which require resources such as time, materials, and expertise. Also, it’ll be used to support the operations of the internship program itself, such as administrative costs, and staff compensation. (Here is the registration link)

Note: We recognise the importance of education and growth and aim to ensure no deserving student misses out due to financial constraints. Henceforth, we offer 50%-100% fee reversal for students with excellent academic credentials.

While Program A is a great option for those looking for a longer program, Program B offers so much more. So why not give yourself the best possible chance to succeed?

Both programs offer a remote/online opportunity to work 12-15 hours a week for ten weeks and four weeks respectively for Program A and Program B. Upon successful completion of the program, you will also receive an Experience Letter (sample) and a Letter of Recommendation (sample).
Moreover, as you may be aware, employers not only seek individuals with technical know-how, but also those who possess soft skills that can enhance their professional performance. So, here are the key highlights pertaining to the skills development facilitated by this program.
  1. Soft Skills: In addition to technical skills, employers are looking for employees who possess strong interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

  2. Presentation Skills: Being able to present ideas and information in a clear and concise manner is a valuable asset in any professional setting

  3. Public Speaking: Public speaking is an essential skill for professionals who want to be successful in their career. It allows them to communicate their ideas effectively and build confidence in their audience.

  4. Confidence: Confidence is key to success. Developing confidence in oneself helps to project a positive image to others, and enhances one’s ability to perform well in challenging situations.

  5. Networking of like-minded people: Networking provides opportunities to meet like-minded professionals who can offer support, advice, and potential job leads. 

  6. Professional Guidance: Seeking guidance from professionals in your field can help you gain insights into industry trends and best practices, and can help you advance your career.

  7. Hands-on Industrial Experience: Hands-on experience in the industry helps develop practical skills and a deeper understanding of how things work in the real world.

  8. Internship/Job Referrals: Participating in internships or seeking job referrals from professionals can provide valuable exposure and open doors to new opportunities.


If you want to join Program A, click here (Applications currently closed for June and July due to high volume)

If you want to join Program B, click here (Filling fast for June and July, BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW)

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